“Unlovely” by The Ballroom Thieves ft. Darlingside

Indie rock band The Ballroom Thieves join forces with Darlingside to provide us with the exquisite folk-rock gem that is “Unlovely”. Together they provide us with lush and intoxicating melodies and lyrics that instantly connect with us and tell a story that our imagination can grasp and embrace. The track unfolds beautifully in front of us showcasing a wide array of feelings and emotions that while bittersweet feel strangely welcoming. There’s something about this collaboration that is sure to get you all excited and once you press play you are sure to do it and over again as you explore every inch of this soundscape and find a little bit of you within it. So listen closely and enjoy the ride!

“I took the blue out of the news today
(Wore it like an overcoat)
I wrap it around me
And it shields me from the thoughts
That people think they need to say…”

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