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“Under” by Jordan Mackampa

UK based indie singer/songwriter Jordan Mackampa comes to us with a tale of fantasy, hope, and love with the gem that is “Under”. With this beautifully crafted track, he blends lyrics, melodies, and emotions in a quest for a love so magical and so beautiful that is still unknown. It’s a perfect romantic story for the contemporary masses as it caresses a sweet middle ground between the old school and the new wave in music. He manages to get the listeners invested in how it all unfolds while gently pushing us all to also live and be inspired by how this soundscape takes shape and form. So pay attention and close your eyes as your imagination is set on fire by the magic and unknown nature of this fantastic track. Enjoy!

Under is about falling for someone you only met briefly on a train journey, but feeling as if they could be the new love of your life, without hardly knowing them. But, within that journey home/work, you’ve let your mind drift off to who they might be as a person, what kind of food they like, tv shows you could watch together — basically imagining your whole life with them, whilst understanding that none of that will happen, if you don’t go over to them & ask them out on a date, before they leave.’

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