“Unconditional” by Picture This

Irish Indie pop band Picture This come to us with the amazing and intoxicating musical realm of “Unconditional”. With this one of a kind soundscape, they give life to a story inspired by the magic and excitement that love brings into our lives. The melodies and lyrics flow with ease as they go hand in hand through the airwaves instantly caressing the innermost parts of our souls reminding how beautiful and scary love can be. It’s a warm invitation to dive into the unknown of this adventure understanding that there will be ups and downs but the reward will be most gratifying. So listen closely and embrace the mesmerizing charm of this amazing musical creation. Enjoy!

“Unconditional is a song about the intoxicating, exhilarating and all-consuming feeling of falling deeply in love with somebody. Sometimes in love and life you have an undeniable spark with somebody, then when it’s reciprocated and explored it can lead to the most magical and hallmark moments of your life. I wrote this song not only as an ode to that feeling and adventure, but also to the fear of ever losing it. “I’m so afraid of losing your love” not because I think I’m going to, but because if I ever did I don’t know how I could fill the space it would leave behind. This song is about how much I love ‘love’.” – Ryan Hennessy of Picture This


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