“U N Eye” by Boy in Space

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Boy in Space comes to us with the heartfelt and bittersweet musical creation that is “U N Eye”. With this refreshing and honest blend of melodies and lyrics he talks about the end of a relationship and finally realizing that things are sadly over. He explores the ins and outs and does not seek to blame but to understand that as much as we want things to continue, sometimes the moment is just not there anymore. The heart knows but sometimes it just plays dumb hoping that things magically go back to how they were at the beginning, but moments pass by and they are not meant to come back. So listen carefully and explore the story that is unfolding as this soundscape takes shape and form. Enjoy!

“I wrote ‘u n eye’ from the perspective of a friend who was in a relationship that they needed to get out of. The writing is on the wall… it’s no longer the right time or the right place, and despite your best intentions, a lot of history, a lot of promises on the table… it’s best to just bite the bullet and let it be over.” – Robin Lundbäck AKA Boy in Space

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