“Twice” by J. Hutton

Canadian indie singer/songwriter J. Hutton gives us a fine showcase of what his uber-talented soul can craft with the gem that is “Twice”. With this refreshing and cool blend of melodies and lyrics he give life to a tale that is mesmerizing to explore. The soundscape comes to us and pulls us within an instant painting a picture that while intoxicating also feels rebellious in its own unique manner. There’s something about the experience that feels like an adventure in which our senses can be wild and free. So dive into the musical creation of this one of a kind artist from the Great White North. Enjoy!

“…Last one used to play the blame game,

Got out the shit like Shawshank

Never ’bout the love

Always ’bout the content

Our arguments were wars

I was never right, shit,

She was never wrong…”

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