“TVS” by Argonaut&Wasp

Indie duo Argonaut&Wasp come to us with the surreal and dreamlike soundscape of their first single of 2020, “TVS”. With this track the guys take us on an adventure through unknown yet welcoming lands that speak to us and fill our souls. The melodies and lyrics come together quite beautifully and the experience is one that hard to forget for any music lover. There’s something about this soundscape that is sure to get you hooked and turn you into a fan of this truly talented pair. So smile, have some fun and enjoy the sweet ride that is this musical gem. Enjoy!

“TVS is a daydream. It is a song that recounts the feeling of endless summer days. It is a call to a time of romance and yearning. As waves crash endlessly, so does time. It makes you wonder if things could be different even if you tried. The song was crafted early one morning using a drum loop and an oberheim synthesizer.” – Argonaut&Wasp

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