“Treadmill in a desert” by Harry Mold

UK based indie singer/songwriter Harry Mold comes to us with another banger in his latest single, “Treadmill in a desert”. With this passionate and electrifying blend of melodies and lyrics he pulls us in an instant into a world that while personal is sure to feel universal. The soundscape is full of vivid and in your face verses that instantly paint a picture so human and so down to earth that speaks to not only our senses but our imagination as well. There’s something about the feelings and emotions he is showcasing throughout the track that makes it easy for us to find that instant connection that gives certain songs that special extra. So listen carefully and dive into this world he has crafted. Enjoy!

‘Treadmill In A Desert’ is all about the pressure you can feel when you’re in a stagnant/stationary state of mind. Like when you feel things around you moving at a normal pace, but nothing is changing in your own head. This feeling made me feel like I was about to explode, so I transmitted that straight to my song.” – Harry Mold

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