“Tourist” by Axel Flovent

Icelandic indie singer/songwriter Axel Flovent comes to us with a bittersweet and honest tale with “Tourist”. With this track he speaks of the aftermath of the heartbreak, he explores what is now there and what was once in its place. It’s a beautiful and poetic blend of melodies and lyrics that flow with ease through the airwaves connecting to the most human part of all of us. There’s something about this soundscape that while painful is strangely soothing as we are reminded that at times heartbreak makes us feel as if we had been tourists of a land that we don’t if will be able to visit again. This dramatic fatalism is very real and while we know (more like hope) that things are not as pessimistic, we still remember the moments that are gone. So listen carefully and maybe you’ll find a sweet reflection of your own mishaps within this soundscape. Enjoy!

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