“Tomb” by Luke Lorenz

UK based indie singer/songwriter Luke Lorenz opens up and shares the intoxicating soundscape of “Tomb”. With this exquisite and honest contemporary reflection he explores the ups and downs found currently in the world. He embraces the feeling that seem to loom over most of our youth nowadays and does so with a voice that must be heard. The track is so raw, so powerful and so refreshingly human that it just connects with us and gives our senses a welcomed wake up call. He knows that things seem to be going the wrong way and wants people that it does not only affect the older generation but also the younger ones. He speaks for them and lets us know that we are all in this together and we all feel the pressure of things going sideways. So listen carefully and know that to change this we must do something about it. Enjoy!

“Tomb is a modern teenagers feelings towards living in a complex and challenging world. The idea of being non-existent or left alone is more attractive than living and trying to achieve happiness with so much doom and gloom surrounding the individual.” – Luke Lorenz

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