“Tired” by Nlve

South Korean LA based indie singer/songwriter Nlve comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing gem that is “Tired”. With this exquisite and honest soundscape he embraces the inner battle that at times happens within ourselves as life at times hits too hard. He reminds us that “it’s ok to not feel ok” sometimes for we are all following our own paths and they have their own ups and downs that at times feel as if they were breaking us. He embraces the magic and haunting reality of life that is so raw, so real and so down to earth as he makes us feel at ease and understood. The lyrics and melodies have come together beautifully delivering a story that is bittersweet and bound to become an instant classic. Enjoy!

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“…How do I breathe?
When I’m underwater
Please don’t tell me it’s a part of the growing
I’m sick of this pain
So tell me the answers
Why am I feeling all the weight of this world
Oh I don’t know, know, know, know, know…”

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