“Tightropes” by Naipia

The UK based indie pop/rock band Naipia comes to us with the electrifying and mesmerizing musical creation that is “Tightropes”. With this exquisitely crafted and passionate blend of melodies and lyrics, the guys give us a wide range of sounds and emotions that are sure to hook you instantly. The melodies and verses perfectly come together and become one providing our senses with a much-needed escape from reality into a world that feels so ours from the very first second. The soundscape explodes into the airwaves surrounding us and immediately feeds us a most delicious and intoxicating sonic ambrosia bound to become an instant favorite. There’s something about this track that invites your finger to press play over and over again as you continue to fall down this rabbit hole knowing that your body and soul needed this. So listen, explore, and enjoy the sweet release offered by this amazing must-listen track.

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