“This Dream” by Marc Scibilia ft. Cory Wong

Indie singer/songwriter Marc Scibilia joins forces with Cory Wong of Vulfpeck to deliver the beautiful and hones sonic creation that is “This Dream”.  With this soothing and down-to-earth soundscape, the guys give life to a track that comes from the heart and soul and lands directly to hit a chord inside all of us. The melodies and lyrics flow with ease through the airwaves as the track takes shape and form and the emotions hit home allowing the story to come alive. We are reminded that life is but a second and while we may want all of those we love to be with us forever, the reality is that one day it will all feel like part of a dream so beautiful and so sweet for they will no longer be there with us. So listen, connect with this amazing track, and enjoy the ride.

“I’m a big Vulfpeck fan, so to have Cory Wong from the band on this track is a dream. I wrote this song about an afternoon I spent with my dad after he got diagnosed with brain cancer. The doctors had him on all these drugs that made him nearly insane for a period of time. It felt like a bizarre dream for me and I wanted to escape it. Then I had this realization, he wasn’t going to be with us forever and when he’s gone I’ll wish I could be back to this moment.” – Marc Scibilia

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