“Thinking ‘Bout Love” by Wild Rivers

Canadian indie band Wild Rivers comes to us with the cinematic musical gem that is “Thinking ’bout love”. With this exquisite musical creation they blend lyrics and melodies to tell a story through classic and contemporary touches that easily speaks to our hearts and souls. The soundscape shines through with ease as it takes shape and form with great storytelling and a voice that flows with utmost naturality and passion. The airwaves that surround us feed our senses with what is being held within this track allowing us to feel and picture a world that holds our humanity and reality. There’s no denying that they have crafted something special and intoxicating that is gratifying and most welcomed by all music lovers. So listen and enjoy this wonderful ride!

“…It’s kinda like a light went off

And now you’re dead set on giving me up

Talking like we’re so far gone

And there ain’t no use stitching it up

We could do the long haul

We could ride it out I know the rides rough, but try us

you’re just thinking about tomorrow I’m just thinking ‘bout love…”

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