“Thinking about you” by Ocie Elliott

Canadian indie folk duo Ocie Elliott come to us with a beautiful yet strangely saddening soundcape with “Thinking about you”. With this mesmerizing track they tell a story of a love that does not fade and remains housed within vivid memories that keep the heart beating and the soul full. It’s a sweet set of verses that flow one after the people and paint a picture of something so real, so raw that your senses embrace it and connect in an instant. To me personally the track speaks of a person that you love more than anything but sadly by the life’s unwavering hand is no longer there and there’s nothing that you can do about it. It speaks to us all and by it we are allowed to smile, to cry and to feel as much as we can. So listen carefully and let the track speak to you as it softly and slowly pulls you in. Enjoy!

“The strength love has can keep someone living and breathing in your head forever – as long as the love stays in you, that person will too.” – Ocie Elliott

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