“These Days” by Marsicans

UK based indie pop-rock band Marsicans comes to us with the perfect track  for modern society in the mesmerizing musical creation that is “These Days”. With this track they ask that uncomfortable question that we all lack the intent to ask, “…is it OK that our communication is mainly done through an electronic device?”. They craft this world not with aims to condemn or criticize but to legitimately make us think and wonder if the evolution of society is going in the right route or if we need to make some changes. This is something that I have asked myself more than a few times as I see tons of videos in where people stop to take a picture and post it on Instagram to make it seem as if they were doing some good (when in reality they just stopped for the picture). It’s honestly intoxicating and quite entertaining to explore as a soundscape making it an instant must listen track on my book. Enjoy!

“‘These Days’ is a song about my relationship with communication in the modern world. Without really realising, I had started using the Internet as a window for almost all my communication and information. I found myself staring at my phone more and more, whether it was to talk to friends, read the news, or even to be creative. 

When I stopped to think about just how reliant we are on these little black screens to communicate with the world around us, it made me feel uncomfortable. It’s too easy to add context to a message, which simply isn’t there, because of the lack of body language or inflection that you might get in a person’s actual voice. You’re also less inclined to ask questions about information you read on the Internet, just because it’s on the Internet. 

The song isn’t necessarily a damning indictment of technology. It’s more about pointing to the rapid changes in human connection and asking the question ‘Is this okay?’” – Rob Brander of Marsicans

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