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“The Wonder” by Cosmos & Creature

Indie pop duo Cosmos & Creature come to Wolf in a Suit once ore with the mesmerizing and electric gem that is “The Wonder”. With this enticing and uniquely crafted track, they remind us all of the magic and unknow that lies hidden in all relationships. The track flows with utmost naturality and unique charm for it understands that life is made of various moments that come together to make it whole. The blend of melodies and verses is utter perfection and gives music lovers an exquisite soundscape that is ready to provide our senses a much-needed adventure. You are sure to dive into this unknown world and find yourself wanting more and more as your imagination is given a sweet taste of musical ambrosia. Enjoy!

“The wonder is about seeing the magic/curiosity in life and relationships. It’s really easy to get jaded but life is so rewarding when you’re able to immerse yourself in the present.”

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