“The Reaper” by The Chainsmokers ft. Amy Shark

EDM duo The Chainsmokers join forces with the uber-talented indie Australian singer/songwriter Amy Shark to deliver the gem that is “The Reaper”. Together they give life to a soundscape that is sure to pull you and feed you with the most exquisite of melodies and verses making it one for the books. The collaboration is utter perfection and both musical acts complement each so perfectly that it’s hard to believe this track is exactly that, they sound as if they did music together since forever. The track is intoxicating and within its verses lies a story that will instantly grab a hold of your senses as it serves your senses the most vivid and hypnotizing soundscape. There’s something about this song that it is just so amazing that you are left in awe begging for more as the track takes shape and form. “The Reaper” is one of those that is sure to become a fan favorite and collaborating with Amy Shark I hope is something they do again in the future. Enjoy!

“…You take what you want
Then you leave when you’re done
Pretty face with two sides
So what’s it gonna be tonight?…”

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