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“The Real Life” by Suzi Island

UK based alt-pop band Suzi Island delivers a one of a kind tale of entering adulthood and saying hello to the new challenges with their latest, “The Real Life”. With this playfully seductive, honest and insightful soundscape we can all grasp the possibility of an instant connection as the lyrics speak of things that have hit most of us already. The shock of having to be on your own and find solutions where you did not have to care for before. Things like water, electricity, money, and boredom (among other things) become a real reason to feel down, but there’s something here that motivates you to fight back. Life does not have to lose its beauty just because it suddenly becomes “real”, we can stay true to ourselves within this new phase for there’s no doom but opportunity waiting for us. So dive into the perfect blend of melodies and lyrics that the band has set forth in front of us and enjoy the ride.

“‘The Real Life’ is us moving on again,” says frontman Hugh Reilly-Smith“Lyrically it’s about having an urge to feel something. We wrote it when we were about to leave university, so for me the song was a marker for that point in my life where it’s about to get real. Paying bills, trying to earn money – an impending boring life. There’s a need to fight back, but you know that you need to fit into it.”

Acoustic Version:

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