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“The Patient Kind” by Amelie Patterson

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Amelie Patterson comes to us with the upbeat and mesmerizing gem that is “The Patient Kind”. With this playfully romantic and hopeful sounds, she dives into the unknown of love with a positive and mature attitude that is refreshing to hear. She understands that love is not always instantly and sometimes requires patience and for you to play the long game waiting for a reward that is sure to be worth the wait. She caresses our senses softly and as she does this we are invited to the dance floor waiting for our eyes to meet with the one we want to share that good love with. So listen closely, smile, remember what you are in for and enjoy the ride for it is sure to be filled with ups and downs.

“The Patient Kind is a song about meeting someone and immediately knowing that you have a connection,” says Patterson. “We don’t always meet people at the right time and ‘The Patient Kind’ is about being unapologetically confident in what you like and playing the long game. It’s about saying, ‘it’s alright if the timing is off and you aren’t ready for good love, I’ve got time and I’m the patient kind.’”

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