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“The one that got away” by ANNNA

Dutch indie singer/songwriter/producer/musical goddess ANNNA comes to Wolf in a Suit with the refreshingly intoxicating gem that is “The one that got away”. With this beautiful, charming and bittersweet musical creation she opens up her heart and soul and let’s go of a love that did not value her the way she deserved. She gains back her voice and gives a final goodbye as she knows who she is, what she wants and the kind of love she needs. The track grabs us and transports us to a world where our imagination can be set free as the melodies and lyrics craft something so real, so human and so powerful. There’s no denying that she has created something special not only on a musical level but on the human side as well. Her luscious vocals flow with ease through the airwaves as it hypnotizes us making us feel as if we need to hear this gem over and over again. So listen carefully, shed a tear for a love that is ending and rejoice for the life that awaits. Enjoy!

“…It’s just one of those things that I was so worried about 

But now I’m all fine, all good, I guess it’s all done

Summer and springs, sun tan and swims used to last

But now it’s weird cards, photos, stuck on my shelf

It’s seems so cold, so dry, how you just let the things be…”

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