“The Lucky Ones” by Rya Park

Australian indie singer/songwriter Rya Park comes to us with the bittersweet yet honest sonic gem that is “The Lucky Ones”. With this exquisitely crafted and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, she explores a route that we all rarely want to but definitely should as she wonders what would happen if a moment was taken away. She speaks for all of us when she gives life to this sad and nostalgic story as we would feel lost and as if something important had been taken away to never return. The soundscape aims to invite us to look again at all those moments now gone and see how truly lucky we have been to had share them with people that matter so much to us. It’s also an invitation to grow up and move forward and truly do your best to make someone feel as lucky as you have felt. Enjoy!

“I wrote this song just after a trip to New York with my boyfriend. I surprised him in Times Square and he had no idea that I was coming. When I got back to Melbourne I was reminiscing on all the good times we had and thought about how it would feel to have all that taken away from me. I do feel lucky to be with him and it would break my heart if we ever weren’t together. It was slightly painful exploring this but I’m super happy with how it turned out. It’s a nostalgia song. Working with Ed Quinn (Cregan) from Slum Sociable is just a dream. He’s so slick and clean with his production and he’s so fun to work with. We have a great writing chemistry and this song came together pretty effortlessly for us both.” – Rya Park

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