“The Longest Year” by Kathleen

Indie singer/songwriter Kathleen comes to us with a powerful and honest track in her latest gem, “The Longest Year”. The track delivers verses that touch on the current atmosphere of politics, people and more within the United States making it so real and so palpable to our senses. There’s something about it that is much welcomed and refreshing for it is raw yet poetic and within its melodies and lyrics lies an honest opinion that deserves to be heard. The track is soft yet more powerful than most currently trying to tackle the same subject for she does not shy away from the harsh reality. She embraces each and every single day of the year to develop something beyond mesmerizing. So dive into her world and enjoy one of the best track you’ll hear in 2019.

“Every other day we break another record
How many more till there’s nothing left
Oh here we go again into another longest year”

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