“The long way out” by Evan Konrad

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Evan Konrad comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with his debut single, “The long way out”. With this refreshingly honest blend of melodies and lyrics, he tells a story that we can relate as he speaks from the heart and from the pain that arises when it breaks. The story within is that of a journey that we all must go through as it we say goodbye little by little because it’s not an instant thing, unless well, there were no feelings involved. But if your heart went a little faster every time you saw this person then the grieving may seem long but in the end, you will come out liberated and ready to fly once more. There’s something here that captures your attention and your emotions making you feel part of the soundscape. It’s something so human, so real and such beautifully bittersweet. Enjoy!

“The Long Way Out is a journey through the act of letting go, and how romanticized it can be throughout the grieving process. Unable to accept the changes within ourselves, or the changes in another person, as we reach for a connection that no longer exists. I wrote this song to acknowledge and work through this within myself. I want this song to be a beacon of light for anyone who is looking for the same liberation I sought after.”

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