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“The Living” by San Fermin

Indie band San Fermin continue to deliver must listen soundscapes and with “The Living” they do not disappoint and get us excited for their upcoming album. The track is beautifully captivating, honest and inviting as it explores the ins and outs of life finding the little connections that we all share. The blend of melodies and lyrics give us something to be mesmerized by as we can feel at ease and at home within them. But they take a unique route for this as they play with images of the undead to grab us by surprise and once inside give us a fine taste of the musical ambrosia that we need. So listen carefully and enter the world they have crafted for adventure and human connection awaits. Enjoy!

“…And it’s hard to quite describe it
Like we’re part of, part of something bigger
Not another lonely little heartbeat in the city
Only we can hold it for a minute…”

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