“The Greatest” by The Racer

From Monroe, New York comes the uber-talented indie band The Racer with their intoxicating musical creation, “The Greatest”. With this track they invite our imagination and our senses to come out and play as we explore the ins and outs of the melodies and lyrics that make it up. The track flows in a manner that is so raw and so passionate yet so intoxicating and strangely soothing. The soundscape is powerful and embraces you from the very first second allowing us to connect the dots as the track takes shape and form right in front of us. So listen carefully and enjoy the captivating adventure that is “The Greatest”.

“‘The Greatest’ is a song about self-belief; not letting doubt enter one’s mind and not making decisions out of fear. It is about reaching for one’s greatness and realizing you are your own worst enemy and are now ready to seek your potential and finally accept and know who you are. Many of the lyrics come from the perspective of a person thinking of someone they really admired when they were young but were always too afraid to approach being able to see them now and the person they have become. We would love for this to be a song people can turn to when they are in need of some inspiration or just need to relate to feelings of fear and failure.” – The Racer

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