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“The gold is in the dark” by Cat Pierce

Indie musical goddess Cat Pierce captures our senses and delivers the mesmerizing must listen gem that is “The gold is in the dark”. With this surreal trip down a human and magical blend of melodies and lyrics, we are pulled into a world that serves to not only feed our senses but also inspire and motivate us. The track understands the reality of the human existence and has crafted something so beautifully poetic and hypnotizing that instantly manages to become a music gold masterpiece. She understands that in order to reach the good parts we must at times go through the darkness that surrounds us from time to time. This is not only in the way of goals and material things but also in the quest for who we are and where we want to be at. Enjoy!

The gold is in the dark…one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.Carl Jung

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