“The Gift” by willolux

Canadian indie pop/folk singer/songwriter Kristina Emmott aka willolux comes to us with her latest mesmerizing track, “The Gift”. With this track, she opens up her heart and soul and gives us all the honor to take a peek inside. The soundscape is charmingly real and down to earth as the melodies and lyrics caress the most real part of us embracing the beauty of the story that dwells in it. There’s something so inviting, so honest, so soothing about this song that it truly allows you to fall with ease into her world. Kristina has hit something magical and fairy tale like with this song and for that and more it stays with us everlastingly. Enjoy!

“If I… 
confess to you my dream 
Would you go easy on me cause I know I’ve been 
wanting more 
can’t help myself from floating, can’t help myself from floating, can’t help myself from floating out that door …”

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