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“Tether” by Alex O’aiza

Dallas based indie singer/songwriter Alex O’aiza gives us a perfect dose of indie rock and Arctic Monkeys vibes with his latest single, “Tether”. With this amazing soundscape, the young and very talented artist has managed to craft an instant classic and expand on the magic of his previous track, “Money”. There’s something about this blend of melodies and lyrics that catches you off guard and pulls you with ease into a story that connects immediately with you. There’s a dose of the unknown, the wonder and unique charm of falling in love and wanting to really be the one that this person you’ve labeled as special looks at. It’s a modern day masterpiece and showcase of musical prowess and potential that captures the senses and the heart beautifully. So listen closely and let your imagination connect with it as you enjoy the latest must listen gem courtesy of Alex.

“Tether was written here in Dallas last summer with the help of my producer friend Austin Shawn,” explains O’aiza. “We wanted to further the sound we found on my second single Money, and I’d like to believe that Tether is just that. Last time, we began the musical ideas through a riff on the bass guitar, so this time around we decided to start the process with a good ol’ acoustic. We began writing the song with a riff line and made it the driving force of the tune in a very ostinato fashion. The riff gave off this very sneaky vibe, almost as if you can picture someone tip toeing around. In the end, this shaped the overall theme of the song. It’s about the moments when you can’t quite formulate your thoughts into words, when encountering that one person that makes you throw common sense, and reason, out the window. It is in these very moments where you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, hoping that somehow you don’t end up fucking up your chances with that one special someone.”

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