“Tell me it’ll be alright” by Freedom Fry

My favorite French/American indie duo Freedom Fry is back with a much-needed dose of optimism and hope with “Tell me it’ll be alright”. With this track, they remind us that things will surely be back to normal one day and that all we can do right now is put a little of us to make sure it happens. It’s a hopeful track that gives our senses a welcoming and charming soundscape in which we can smile and remember that things will be alright. We just need to remember the good things of life and once it’s all normal again, be better than what we once were because the world needs us to do that. So listen carefully and let this soundscape caress your soul with tender verses and soothing melodies. Enjoy!

“Before this lockdown happened we went all around California recording a new album. We recorded this song in Joshua Tree. The drums were played by Joey Waronker (Beck, Atoms for Peace), and the electric guitars were played by Ben Collins (Frontman of Polyvinyl artist Minihorse). Even though we wrote it a while back the title feels really appropriate right now. This is the third single from our upcoming album.” – Freedom Fry

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