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Tears won’t get me anywhere

“Tears won’t get me anywhere” by Mountain Bird

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Mountain Bird comes to us with the powerful and mesmerizing anthem that is “Tears won’t get me anywhere”. With this charming and passionate soundscape he explores the ins and outs of sadness and pain in a way that is so refreshing and so real. The track flows with such naturality instantly connecting with the listener for it comes from a place of real life experiences and feelings and emotions that we have all felt at least once before. He understands that we can all feel down but reminds us that staying in that state of mind will lead to nothing and while it’s not easy or even instant, we can fight and push forward not just by ourselves but with the help of those around you. The track is sure to make you feel empowered and energized as it whispers in your ear that you can do anything. Enjoy!

“I do most things in my life in isolation.  I’ve spent my life focusing on music while suffering from both social anxiety and depression.  They come during hard periods and everything is dependent on trying to keep myself together. Some nights, I cry because I’ve put too much pressure on myself.  So, I wrote this song as a ‘fight-anthem’ to remind myself that tears won’t get me anywhere.” – Mountain Bird

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