“Talk Tomorrow” by Make Friends

UK based indie band Make Friends come to Wolf in a Suit for the very first time with their latest single, “Talk Tomorrow”. With this honest, raw and catchy must listen musical creation the band grabs inspiration from life and from moments we have all gone through. This ends up adding a special layer to the track that is not only relatable but exciting to hear as we can hear not the story of a stranger, but our own. The blend of life-inspired lyrics and indie rock melodies with the addition of the mesmerizing and electric vocals make this one a must listen and a must have in any playlist. Enjoy!

“The lyrics of Talk Tomorrow essentially portray being caught in the heat of the moment whilst arguing with someone important to you. It’s about acknowledging how in a wild intoxicated state we might be saying or doing things we don’t mean and would ultimately end up regretting, hence the line “Let’s talk tomorrow”. Sometimes it’s just best to leave it until we have a clearer head the next day.”

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