“Talk of the town” by The Bongo Club

From Sweden come the uber-talented guys of The Bongo Club with the playful and inviting gem that is “Talk of the town”. With this refreshing musical creation, the guys invite us into a world that blends pop and rock with honest human emotions that are sure to speak to both our bodies and souls. There’s something about the track that gets you hooked and puts a smile on your face as the soundscape comes alive and pulls us in. The melodies and verses come together to deliver an upbeat and intoxicating song that is sure to get you all to move your feet to the rhythm and sounds that make it so charming. I don’t how or why but this song just puts me in a good mood and it was an instant win in my book as it immediately became a track I wanted to share. So listen with me and smile even though things are a bit strange at the time. Enjoy!

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