“Talk about me” by Skott

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Skott comes to us once more with a playful and charming musical creation, say hell to “Talk about me”. This quirky and fun track blends melodies and lyrics to tell a story of a little girl lost to narcissism in a way that is both surreal yet down to earth. The soundscape comes alive in an instant and pulls us into a world that feels so vivid and so intoxicating that you simply want to explore more and more of it. She gives each verse it’s own unique touch to make sure the track as a whole shines through and catches our attention and imagination. The song flows quite nicely through the airwaves and adds itself perfectly into her already amazing and evergrowing body of work. So listen, smile, and explore this world filled with narcissism and much-needed escapism. Enjoy!

“It’s a quirky song, about a little girl who loses her mind to narcissism while chasing her big dreams. For the video we snuck pop culture references into this outer space Hollywood-type alternate universe – it’s so far from what I’d normally do. The lyrics tell a story about a little girl who dreams about fame, and it distorts into madness, like she’s losing her mind. But we learn that in reality, she just feels invisible. I directed it together with my friend Paras IV who animated the whole thing, we had fun with it. I’ve always wanted to ride through Florida on the back of a giant beetle.” – Skott

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