“Sweatshirt” by Ariane

French-American indie singer/songwriter Ariane comes to us with an exquisite and honest pop gem with “Sweatshirt”. With this refreshingly raw and in your face blend of melodies and lyrics she tells a story that is so down to earth and so real. She understands that at times through life we meet people that are not meant to last yet we sadly push it for them to be there more than they should. There are various degrees and types of toxicity that you can find in relationships, some can be in be in friendships and others in your love life, but we all get to have one to learn from. They are hard to let go and their intoxicating nature is at times near impossible to say goodbye but eventually (hopefully) we all do. So listen to this mesmerizing gem and connect with the reflection of you that it provides. Enjoy!

“This song is about a toxic relationship; the kind where you know you should let go but you still hold onto the fantasies and the objects left behind,” she says. “I think most of us have been in that uncomfortable place at least once in our lives.” – Ariane

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