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“Supply & Demand” by Wilder Woods

Indie singer/songwriter Wilder Woods comes to us with vibrant and eclectic vintage sounds with his latest gem, “Supply & Demand”. With this exquisite and sensual soundscape, he playfully uses a term from the world of business in a way that is poetic and romantic allowing the heart to beat a little faster as the song unfolds. He reminds a special someone that what he needs and wants is that sweet loving that only that special person can give him. The track is relatable as we know someone like that in our lives and personally, I am quite happy that she’s got all I need and want making the supply and demand exactly what my heart desires. So if you have someone special make sure they know it and if you don’t remember that supply and demand can be found in other places as well (family and friends). So listen carefully, give me a wicked smile and enjoy this must listen gem of classic and contemporary vibes.

“You always hear about bands ‘finding’ their sound. I don’t know if I really understood how difficult, but important, that journey really is until I went on it myself. We ended up with a soul record that weaves its way between the classic soul artists that I love and a more modern alternative way of producing them. You can certainly hear influences from Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley, all the way to The Temptations and even Springsteen, but I’m proud of how different it actually is from all those things. The record was meant to be something you listen to on the weekends… either in the mornings on the back porch or late night dancing with the one you love.”

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