“Sunday” by Marsicans

From the UK come the extremely talented guys from Marsicans to share the electric and romantic musical creation that is “Sunday”. With this welcoming and refreshing soundscape, they invite us to smile and explore the realm they have crafted. The lyrics and melodies come together in an instant to pull us in and remind us that music is alive and kicking ready for us to connect with it. The soundscape flows with ease through the airwaves playing with our senses and serving us a much-needed dose of musical ambrosia that is sure to catch us off guard and connect with our imagination. The track is just so right and gives the perfect chance for any music lover to find a place to call home and have fun. Enjoy!

“Sunday is written about a time we spent in Toronto and upstate New York. Some of it was written whilst we were out there. We stayed in Koreatown in Toronto, and that was quite fun, and added to the song as the trip went on. The verses are about us having the best time ever, in a new place, and feeling pretty lucky that we get to experience that as a band. So it’s a love song to Toronto and NY State – but it’s also me just missing my girlfriend, despite having the best time in the world. It’s two-love-songs-in-one basically. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, it’s who you’re there with that makes it special.” – James Newbigging of Marsicans

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