“Summertime” by DAGG3RS

Former Saints of Valory lead singer Gavin Jasper comes to us with his new project, DAGG3RS and his must listen gem, “Summertime”. With this intoxicating and unique blend of pop and rock he crafts a soundscape that is so inviting and memorable that you can’t help but need more and more of it. The track lands like a sucker punch out of nowhere but does so in a way that makes for a one a kind shock of electricity. There’s something about it that just catches you off guard and plays with your senses as it blends the mundane reality of life with the surreal hunger for fantasy in such a way that the track instantly becomes a fan favorite. Explore the world that is being put forth in front of you and enjoy the ride.

“DAGG3RS is my new project. I came up with the name before writing the first song as I wanted the music and the name to have a mutual vibe from the beginning. ‘Summertime’ was the first song written and recorded for this project, its about losing our minds for three days at a festival. I wanted to tap into that vibe and that summer culture. We wanted it to have a jungle mantra feel that just goes round and round and gets you lost in the mood.” – Gavin Jaspen aka DAGG3RS

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