“Stuff” by Sløtface

From Norway comes the talented indie band Sløtface and their catchy and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics that is “Stuff”. With this track they explore our current approach to objects and things that we owe and reminds us that in the end they are just stuff and they do not make us or break us. They speak about life in a way that is unique, charming and quite frankly intoxicating. The verses and melodies take shape and form and create a soundscape that is sure to open a few eyes as the song lands with a soft yet powerful blow to our senses. So listen closely and enjoy this amazing ride.

“One lumpy couch

Three pans with Teflon all scratched up

I know that freaks you out

Hole in the wall,

Punched right through to something raw

I think I’ve felt enough…”

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