“Stuck under the surface” by Sam Johnson

UK based indie singer/songwriter Sam Johnson comes to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet musical creation that is “Stuck Under the Surface”. With this compelling and intoxicating soundscape he grabs a hold of our hearts and souls and paints a picture that feels so real and so raw. We can’t help but understand his pain and how it is honest reflection of the human experience that is a relationship crumbling down to the point of no return and finally ending. He speaks of the pain that went through his veins as the relationship couldn’t be held together anymore and his heart just could not take the pain of knowing it was all over. We can see ourselves within his verses and find reflections of our own tales of heartbreak and bittersweet endings. So listen carefully and connect with the must creation that he has crafted. Enjoy!

“Stuck Under the Surface is a song born from the ashes of a long term relationship that didn’t quite work out. It came to fruition in the wake of a break up and felt like a very necessary form of catharsis. I knew it had to be honest if it were to be convincing, but naturally with that came a level of difficulty and unease that I’d rarely had to deal with when writing songs before…”

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