“Strangers Now” by Tom Speight

UK based indie singer/songwriter Tom Speight joins forces with Lydia Clowes to deliver the bittersweet yet mesmerizing gem that is “Strangers Now”. The track is perfectly set in a manner that allows the lyrics and melodies to really embody the pain, the sadness the final goodbye that starts creeping in at a relationship’s end. It’s a beautiful yet painful experience that is hard (practically impossible) to avoid and they showcase in a manner that is in touch with the human side of the equation. They grasp the fact that is not always a matter of wanting to walk away, but a matter of needing to for the health of your heart and soul. It’s difficult to accept but we must and eventually, you may see that person in the street but this around the both of you will be strangers at a distance who you may give a smile too as a “thank you” for the good moments.

Fun fact: The song was Co-written with Lisa Hannigan

‘Strangers Now’ is the second lead single to be taken from my debut album. I’ve experienced my fair share of failed relationships and broken homes, the song was essentially born out the feeling of a relationship at its bitter end.Tom Speight

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