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Strangers in the Night (Orig. by Frank Sinatra)

“Strangers in the Night (Orig. by Frank Sinatra)” by FERGUS

UK based indie-pop singer/songwriter FERGUS comes to us with a modern yet haunting take on a classic, “Strangers in the Night” by the great, Frank Sinatra. This amazingly talented artist embraces the romanticism and the charm of the original while bringing in some contemporary touches that allow it to connect with new listeners. While no one will ever deny that the original is just perfection, he manages to add a unique and special layer to it that is personal and allows us to feel his sound as well. The soundscape blends the classic and original aura while making it perfect for a proposal and showcase of love. Simply put this is one of the best covers I’ve had the pleasure to hear. Enjoy!

A supporter of my previous releases got in touch saying he was planning to propose and asked if I’d cover one of the songs that mean the most to him and his girlfriend. I said straight away “I’m doing strangers” I just knew I could do something different with it. At the time I really needed something to throw myself in to, so I spent 3 days recording it on my sofa. I wanted to make something special for Mitch and Jess, of course, but really, I did it for a girl… I poured all my longing and devotion and sadness into it, and I liked it so much I took it to Jake to mix properly for release.FERGUS

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