“Stay Still” by EXES ft. JOME

Indie pop duo EXES joins forces with JOME once more to give us a bittersweet yet mesmerizing gem in “Stay Still”. They explore the nature of grief in a way that is relatable and interconnected with many situations we go through in life. They blend the vocals and deliver melodies that expand on the nature of the song in a way that it hits men, women, young, old and everyone in between. It’s a refreshingly honest track that does not look for rainbows and butterflies but instead gives us a harsh truth along with a ray of hope. The song is simply beautiful, raw and captures not our senses but our hearts and souls. Enjoy!

‘Stay Still’ was the first song we all wrote together while on our writing trip in Marin. Jesse had a copy of Joan Didion’s ‘The Year of Magical Thinking’ and began reading excerpts out loud to all of us. We instantly felt a deep emotional connection to her words and thoughts about grief and loss as we all have experienced this in some way or another. In one excerpt in particular, Didion discusses the devastation that follows months after everything returns to normal. The days are passing, the world is spinning and she lays completely still, believing that her husband has not passed away—in fact, he is lying next to her. She even keeps his boots in the closet just in case he needs them when he returns. ‘Everybody tells you that it’s something you get used to’ was one of the first lines we wrote. Time was a crucial element, lyrically for us. We were inspired by this sort of in between grief. The feeling that lingers months, and even years after immediate loss. The feeling of release—the slip that happens when for a brief, dreamlike moment you forget that he is gone.Allie McDonald of EXES

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