“Stay On” by Gold Member

Australian indie-pop band Gold Member come to us with the melodically mesmerizing musical creation that is “Stay On”. With a playful and seductive blend of melodies and lyrics, they come to us to paint a picture that instantly plays with our imagination. The track comes alive from the very first second and pulls us into this refreshing and charming realm they have crafted with utmost care. The soundscape is intoxicating and lands within our airwaves with much-needed ambrosia to feed our senses in a way that is welcomed and exciting. There’s something about this song that makes it an instant fan favorite as it takes shape and form right in front of us. So listen and explore the magic of this soundscape. Enjoy!

“…So I can never doubt my eyes
Light it up, down the streets
And shoot stars in between your head
It’s yours, it’s mines
I’m in paradise
It’s not super galactic
Just textbook magic
Call on my phone, watch the screen
Waiting for you to ring…”

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