“Stay” by Alt Bloom

Los Angeles based Indie singer/songwriter Ethan Thompson aka Alt Bloom blends pop and R&B to deliver the vivid experience that is “Stay”. With this amazing track he borrows inspiration from a strange phenomena, rain is Los Angeles, and from there creates a story. The track flows with ease and captures our attention as it provides us with melodies and lyrics that play with our imagination and give our senses something to connect with. It tells a story of wanting and craving for a special person to remain by our side and look out into the rain and have that rare experience together. It speaks of how love motivates us to share and live those rare moments together for you don’t only want to be part of your memories, but her/him to be in them. So listen closely and enjoy this masterfully crafted intoxicating must listen gem.

“Because rainy days almost never happen here, I wanted to write a song where I’m asking someone to just stay inside and experience that with me. It’s asking them to ignore whatever they need to do that day—just shut out the rest of the world so we can enjoy this special thing together.” – Ethan Thompson aka Alt Bloom

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