“Stable” by Savannah Sgro

Indie singer/songwriter Savannah Sgro comes to us with the bittersweet yet haunting musical gem that is “Stable”. With this amazing musical creation she gives us a title that is so ironic once you listen to the track since the story that unfolds within it is about a toxic relationship. With this intoxicating and captivating soundscape she embodies all of at one point in time because sadly there’s no preventing a toxic relationship because we are all such good liars and the signs can be hidden so well. The track is powerful and so vivid that your imagination and senses are sure to come together and craft something that you can easily connect with. Plus her voice serves as the perfect guide as we explore each and every side of this sweet blend of melodies and lyrics. So dive into this world she has crafted for it is ours as much as it hers. Enjoy!

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