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“Speeding up to last” by The Vices

Dutch indie rock band The Vices come to Wolf in a Suit once more with their slightly depressing yet catchy gem, “Speeding up to last”. With this painfully honest and mesmerizing human soundscape, the talented band embraces the reality of life, that there’s always a bigger shark than you. It feels slight melodramatic and exaggerated but in there lies the unique magic of this track that eventually ends up serving a fine dose of hope as it acts as a wake-up call to most if not all of us. The verses take inspiration from the various moments we go through in life and as it takes shape and form it ends up reminding us that there are still many more moments to go and that while there might be someone “better” than you, it’s all about being in peace with yourself and not everyone else. So listen closely and jump into the world they crafted in this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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