“Sometimes” by Kodaline

Irish indie pop/rock band Kodaline come to us with the most amazing and inspiring musical gem with “Sometimes”. With this exquisite and quite charming blend of melodies and lyrics they talk about the good and the bad and how they are part of life. The track understands that at times we feel down and can’t seem to find a way up, but it’s fine because we all get them and we all have the capacity to learn from them whether alone or with the help of others. The bad moments come and go and it’s in us to learn the best way to keep it under tabs even control does not seem to be possible. So listen and now that we all get lost from time to time, but we can always be found once more. Listen, be inspire and let’s smile together as this soundscape takes shape and form.

“Sometimes is a song I wrote while on tour in Asia last year. I had a really bad day dealing with my own anxiety issues and I kind of let it get the better of me. I started writing the song in my hotel room to help me calm down, music has always helped me in that way. For me Its a song about accepting the bad days and trying to stay positive.”Steve Garrigan of Kodaline

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