“Something New” by Liam Maye

From Switzerland comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Liam Maye with his must listen creation, “Something New”. With this fantastic and refreshingly honest and human soundscape he invites us into his world and to explore the magic of his latest EP, ‘Overthinker’. He gives the lyrics a fine blend of fantasy and reality that accompanied by the instruments makes for a must have experience for any music lover. His voice traverses the airwaves perfectly showcasing a control that is mesmerizing to hear as he gives pop a much needed push. So dive into this realm he has created and explore each and every nook and cranny as it pulls you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of “Something New”. Enjoy!

“The idea behind ‘Overthinker’ was born during a difficult phase in my life when I was forced to make a decision in order to change things for the better. However, the inner pressure made me feel limited in my judgement and so I was afraid to make the wrong decision. As a result, I began to rack my brains about it and suddenly I found myself in a spiral of thoughts with no way out. So I started to write it all down and all of a sudden I had about thirty song ideas ready to go. Four of which actually made the record. I really put everything of myself into every word, every sound, every melody, every chord, every little detail of those songs and I hope people will feel that and can connect with my songs.” – Liam Maye on ‘Overthinker’ EP

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