“Someday” by margø

Canadian indie singer/songwriter margø comes to us once more with the heartfelt and bittersweet musical creation that is “Someday”. With this personal yet universal soundscape she tells a story that is so raw and so real that you are sure to feel it even in your bones. The track tells a tale of love and heartbreak and how things and people have a way of showing their true worth one way or another. She speaks of regret and moving forward as she is finally able to take a good look in the mirror and see the wonderful human she is. The soundscape is one to surely speak in a language that we can all understand. Enjoy!

“‘Someday’ is about finding the inner strength to leave a relationship where you were taken for granted, and knowing that someday the other person will have deep regrets for letting you go. It’s about knowing your worth, recognizing the type of love you deserve, and finding closure in your own happiness.” – margø

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