“Some Time, Alone” by Pale Honey

Swedish indie rock band Pale Honey is back at Wolf in a Suit and they do so with the uniquely rebellious sonic gem that is “Some Time, Alone”. With this refreshing and charming blend of melodies and lyrics, they share with us a soundscape bound to hook us immediately. The bass-driven sonic approach makes for an exciting and hypnotizing invitation into a world made to grab a hold of our senses and connect with our imagination as it invites us to press play over and over again. There’s no denying that we are in for a special treat as the song comes together and serves a much-welcomed brand new dose of musical ambrosia. Enjoy!

”We have loved this song since it was just a demo and it´s place on the upcoming album has been obvious from the start. The single “Some Time, Alone” is immediate and very beat and bass-driven. Lyrics about the feeling when you just want to be left alone and you get irresponsible and self-centered. That is not a place where you want to be, but you sometimes end up in any way. Now, life feels good because we have a new album to look forward to and share with you all”. – Pale Honey

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